About me

Hi !

something about me I suppose !

used to manage and book a vocalist around the world, currently  Pr & Marketing for three beachclubs in Noordwijk, a little bit of furniture import, photographer and in love with traveling, living in Leiden, think that sums up what I am about.

Enjoy the pictures, hope it can be inspiring to you as it is to me.

Donald Timmerman

Pictures published so far:

Elle Magazine (Online), Elsevier (Magazine), Libelle (Magazine), Flair (Magazine), Enjoy the winter (Book), Delicious Magazine (NL), Fizzz Magazine (DE)

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  1. Hoi Donald, ben via via aan je adres gekomen. vind Branding Noordwijk goed gedaan.
    Zou graag in contact komen. Ben zelf bezig in Cadzand http://www.badhuiscadzand.nl
    Graag je nummer of e-mail. Groet Jan Pieter
    janpieter@faasdevelopment.com 0626214891


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